Governor's Register of Interests

Guy Marson (GM) Chair

Director - Profusion Media Limited

Director - Wallcrest Limited

Director - Steiner Academies Trust 

Alex Marson (AM) Vice Chair

Employee - Ernst & Young LLP

Shannon Coggins (SC) Non-Teaching Staff Governor

Member - folk group Seize The Day

Sal Steeple (SS)

Action for Children, fostering and adoption - Manager

Independent Social Worker

Paul Georghiades (PG) Ex officio - Principal

Nothing declared

Lara Ellender (LM) Elected Parent Governor

Freelance project worker - OpenStoryTellers Ltd

Self employed - Qigong provider

Self employed - Speech and language therapist

Agnes Javor (AJ) Trustee Appointed  

Nothing declared

Marty van Duin (MvD)

 Nothing declared


Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding what we do, how we do it or anything else!

Park Road, Frome, Somerset, BA11 1EU
Tel: 01373 832804


We are in the process of putting together a detailed prospectus. Please can you contact us if you would like to receive one.