PE and Sport Premium

The Academy received £8,950 in school year 2015-16 from the PE and sport premium grant

At this point we had access to the whole site, consisting of buildings, tarmac and rubble filled landscape. There was an urgent need to provide play opportunities as well as begin to build our movement, games and sports curriculum. One of the foundational developers of this curriculum pointed out that, if children could still swing over streams, climb trees, roll round fence bars, most of their physical development needs would be well served.

Therefore, we worked with a number of play specialist firms, and invited one company to lead a staff/parent training day, to explore how best to provide a play structure that could offer this kind of movement. We allocated around 40% of the cost of building the resultant structure from our PE funding.

In order to offer something like this within our school environment, we choose to offer a particular palette of circus skills that emphasises balance (unicycle, circus ball walking) and air work (trapeze, aerial).

We had an opportunity to offer one teacher and class the chance to work with a specialist coach for fitness and pre-volleyball skills.

In addition, we purchased equipment including basketball hoops, balls, rounders kit, footballs.

 Cost breakdown:


Towards large playframe build


Circus skills coach


Pre-volleyball skills coach







The playframe is thoroughly explored at every break or free play opportunity, offering balance, climbing and jumping challenges that encourage children to explore movement ranges and risk management within a framework that meets all specification and safety regulations. The pupils brought to the student council a request for a couple of additional features that would make the net walk accessible for younger children, and these are being provided.

Circus skills is extremely popular, extending into after-school and Saturday morning sessions.

The pre-volleyball skills sessions were very well-received and led to observable skills development. While the PE teacher was able to build on this, it’s clear that opportunities to work with specialists are extremely valuable.

Equipment purchases allowed, for example, table tennis sessions in the hall at break times to improve relatively natural skills development simply by providing better bats and a little bit of advice from the vice principal as to grips and serves!

Looking Forward

In school year 2016-17 we will invest part of the grant by supporting one teacher to work through the Steiner games teacher training. This will bring sustainable skills across the whole staff; we hope to be able to work with two further sports specialists to guide our teachers in drills and skills; we would like to begin specialising in table tennis and will seek a coach to begin a club. We expect to add to the equipment necessary to expand circus skills and also that required to prepare our children for the Steiner Olympics.

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