PE and Sport Premium

Steiner Academy Frome received £8795 in 2016-17. Use of the funding is detailed below.

Categories: High Quality PE and Sport (HQPE); CPD; Health; Competition; Community and School Links

Primary Pupils on roll: 234

Primary Premium Sports Funding: £8795

Summary of Aims of our expenditure:

  • Continued enhancement of movement ethos within Steiner curriculum

  • To encourage our pupils to understand the value of a healthy, active life style

  • To develop a love of movement and play in all pupils, and an appreciation of sport in older pupils

  • To create opportunities for wider links through PE and sport



Funding allocated

Focus Area




Steiner-trained teacher PE lessons allocated in timetable



Ensure that pupils are taught according to principles of Steiner movement curriculum

Timetable 2 teachers across classes

Timetable 2016-17

Teacher training to be Steiner PE teacher




Bring this teacher into timetable for 2017-18

Teacher attending weekend & holiday sessions through school year

Continuing enrollment

Steiner Olympics






Training with specialist teacher for throwing events: javelin and discus;

Register for Steiner Olympics, increase participation through training, involve parents,

Compete with peers at 4-day event in June 

Equipment purchases, camp set up; children walking over South Downs;

Daily runs and weekly prep for other events;

Camp and walk completed;

Year group attended and competed in event, with medals awarded.

Movement therapy training



Use INPP techniques for remediation for movement deficits in individual pupils

Member of staff identified and training completed

Screening assessments

Circus equipment



Aerial and juggling teacher able to extend offer

Equipment in place for circus skills as part of curriculum and as after-school club

Growing participation, including some PPF pupils

Basketball hoops



Give alternative to football on MUGA for older pupils

Purchase outdoor hoops

Basketball club to begin in 2017-18

Wheelchair basketball



Raise awareness of range and excitement of disabled sport opportunities

Book event and timetable year groups

Student council requests another event

Miscellaneous equipment



Increase opportunity through appropriate equipment

Ensure adequate storage





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