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The school’s educational approach is inspired by Rudolf Steiner’s insights into child development and related pedagogical practice. We strive to create a school that will appeal to parents who are actively looking for Steiner Waldorf education and also to parents who are seeking a grounded, balanced, whole education for their children. Our central aim is to enable and equip our pupils to find a fulfilling and purposeful place through the different stages of life.

As a Steiner Academy, we use the Arts as our main pedagogical tool in all subjects in the Steiner Waldorf Curriculum. We teach through the arts, crafts, practical skills, movement, Eurythmy, imagination and social interaction.  We encourage children from the youngest age to learn through, metaphor, inference, “poetic licence”, and an “artistic approach” to things. 

The Steiner curriculum is broad, deep and challenging, with a particular emphasis on developing cross-disciplinary skills and capacities. Children discover for example, that knitting in 3 dimensions is one aspect of geometry. Our attention to imaginative presentation of concepts in mathematics, (including algebra) means that our children have a variety of opportunities to access learning. This does not mean that we go very slowly, or that we only teach arts. It would be fair to say, however, that our attention to the social aspects of learning means that most children feel less exposed in their learning struggles.

The mornings in Kindergarten (age 3-6) follow a strong rhythm of structured activity and freer, constructive play. There is an emphasis on the development of speaking and listening, social and practical skills, but no formal instruction in literacy or numeracy until Class 1 (Year 2).

In the primary age classes (age 6–12) whole class teaching is essential to Steiner Waldorf education. The children in each class are encouraged to work together as a social unit and take responsibility not only for their own learning and behaviour but also for that of others within the group.

In the secondary school stage (ages 12–16), the whole class approach continues and the education seeks to provide experiential preparation for young people to become active participants in society, engaged in continuous learning, self-discovery and exploration of the world.

We regard the following as fundamental ingredients in a young person’s education: development of rational, logical thinking, the fostering of capacities for social and emotional learning, the provision of opportunities for practical engagement with the world and encouragement to form and hold questions of life and meaning.

The curriculum materials and educational approach aim to balance breadth of content with detailed analytical focus across a range of subjects and curriculum themes.

At the Steiner Academy, we believe that the teachers are key to children’s health and happiness during the learning process and so all teachers model ‘Quality First Teaching’ to ensure appropriate support is offered from the outset to engage pupils in the learning process.

We feel that it is important to identify and address any difficulties, in an age- appropriate manner, as soon as possible. Kindergarten, Class, and Subject Teachers track children’s progress carefully. This tracking is reviewed on a regular basis to help us identify any child who may be falling behind.  

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