Year 7 literacy and numeracy catch-up premium

In 2015-16, SAF was allocated £7,500.

For numeracy a total of £4,954 was used to provide a maths-specialist teaching assistant in order to split down classes and provide targeted boosting.

In addition, given the known maths weakness in one class, £1000 was spent on licences for an interactive coding environment developed in the USA and a lesson per week provided to boost reasoning skills.

For literacy a total of £1700 was used to provide TA time for lower ability pupils and also small group and individual sessions.

The total spent was thus £7654, slightly in excess of the allocation. The shortfall was made up from the general annual grant (GAG)




Using standardised testing, 71% of the targeted group made progress, but 50% made more than standard chronological progress.


Reading: Using standardised tests (which are keyed to the National Curriculum, not the Steiner Curriculum for which we are funded), 80% of the target group made more than chronological progress over the school year, with rates at 23 months, 35 months, 37 months in some cases.

Spelling: Progress was less spectacular, but again 80% made more than chronological progress.

Looking ahead to 2016-17

While the progress in literacy in 2015-16 strongly suggested continuing with the programme and seeking to extend, the needs in numeracy for a particular group known to be weak lead us to consider extending the IT work to also include adaptive maths.

Steiner Academy Frome – February 2017


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