Starting School – September 2014

September 2014 Allocation Summary for

The Steiner Academy Frome

The Academy received 54 applications (1st, 2nd and 3rd preference) for Reception, which were all considered by the Directors’ Admissions Committee according to the statutory equal preference method

Because the Academy was oversubscribed with applications, the Admissions Committee had to assess every application against the published 2014 Oversubscription Criteria in order to identify a priority for the 26 places available. These criteria are published in the Somerset Local Authority Composite Prospectus, on the school website and are set out below.

The following summary indicates the number of places offered against each oversubscription criterion on 16th April 2014. Please note: This profile may alter before the 2014 academic year commences.



Number of places offered 


Children in the care of a Local Authority at the time of application, or whose care has ceased because he/she has become adopted or the subject of a residence or special guardianship order.



Children of school staff who have been employed at the Academy for a minimum period of two years at the time of application, or children of a new appointee where there is a demonstrable skills shortage for the vacant post



Children with a sibling at the Academy at the time of application, who will still be on roll at the time of admission and who live at the same address



Children not satisfying a higher criterion


The 26th place was offered against criterion 4 for a child living 0.199 miles away from the school, measured by a straight line.

The Academy Admissions Committee will maintain a waiting list until the end of the 2014 academic year that will include the names of all children refused admission to the 2014 Reception year. Names will automatically be entered whenever an application is refused and listed in ranked order according to the oversubscription criteria. If a place is no longer required, it will be re-offered for the child ranked highest on the waiting list at that time.


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We are in the process of putting together a detailed prospectus. Please can you contact us if you would like to receive one.