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"The Steiner ethos is one of awakening the creative force that is in every child and letting it grow..."

Curriculum Statement

(Kindergarten to Class 7) 2016-17

The school’s curriculum

  • comprises a broad and varied programme of materials and themes, including: the core subjects of English and Mathematics, Handwork & Crafts, Music, Spanish & Mandarin, Nature Study, Gardening & Science, History & Geography, Games, Religious Education, Form Drawing and Eurythmy;
  • derives from a curriculum framework, initially set down in a series of lectures and indications on education given by Rudolf Steiner in the early 20th century. Over the last 90 years, curriculum research and reflection on practice have served to refine and develop the curriculum framework to make it relevant and appropriate in early years settings and schools around the world;
  • is part of an international curriculum framework that forms programmes of teaching and learning in over 1000 schools in every continent, except Antarctica;
  • is devised for an all-through school model from rising 5 to 16 years of age;
  • includes a programme of assignments, assessment exercises, teacher-generated tests and standard, age-related, ability tests in numeracy and literacy;
  • is based on a body of knowledge and practice that comprises primary and secondary sources;
  • is integrated with the pedagogy and the approach to assessment, recording and evaluation;
  • relates to the age and developmental needs of the pupils. The educational approach is founded on an understanding that each person develops through a sequence of physical, emotional and cognitive stages and changes throughout life, particularly in childhood;
  • aims to balance breadth of content with detailed analytical focus across a range of subjects and curriculum themes. The curriculum model is regarded as holistic, combining artistic, scientific and practical elements in an inter-disciplinary and extended approach. By extended learning is meant where the teaching and learning resurface, or continue in other lessons or periods, in addition to the allocated subject or lesson time. For example, the theme of ‘local geography’ may extend into music, painting and English lessons on the same day, or at other times in the school-week.
Class 1 - 5
Class 6 - 7 
Upper School 14+



Latest News

New opportunitiy in Kindergarten

We are growing and have a teaching opportunity in Kindergarten for September 2018.

School closed due to snow

The School Leadership Team have taken the decision that due to more snow overnight the school will be closed today Monday 19th M…

Latest Events

New Open Afternoons Spring and Summer 2018

We have added open afternoons to our calendar for spring and summer 2018

New Open Afternoon March 2018

We have added a further open afternoon on 9 March 2018

Advent Fair 2017

The Advent Fair will take place on Saturday 18th November from 11am till 4pm. A fantastic day out for the whole family to get y…


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Tel: 01373 832804


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