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Peter Gruenewald ~ Talk and Discussion

Posted by Evan on February 28, 2017

Evening Talk and Discussion with Peter Gruenewald

Tuesday 28th February, Auriol Hall

7.30 p.m. ~ 9.00 p.m.

From time to time, life throws up challenging situations. As parents or teachers, or colleagues, we may be in the midst of such challenges right now. Or, it might be that such difficulties and challenges are a memory of something now in the past. Looking to the future, we can say with some certainty that new and sometimes unexpected challenges await us. In the face of life's stresses and strains, the development of emotional resilience may be helpful in enabling us to stay well and make sound judgements and good decisions, even when we are under pressure. Maintaining calmness, love and initiative under pressure may also benefit the children we work and live with.

‘We will talk about the importance of emotional resilience and will also practice a few helpful techniques together.’

The techniques introduced are well founded in anthroposophy, positive and motivational psychology, mindfulness and neuroscience.

Peter Gruenewald is a GP, an anthroposophic doctor and a school doctor, and is also an expert in "Adaptive Resilience" and stress management. He has been providing training in leadership development & resilience for teachers, parents, students, tutors, senior civil servants & for the public.

Tea and Coffee available form 7.15 p.m.


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