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DJ Chris: 'Thank Frome it's Friday'

Posted by Evan on June 19, 2015

Steiner Academy pupils have helped a radio presenter find out more about Frome during a history and geography project.

The Year 5 class four pupils have been learning all about the town and its history during the project and when their teacher Ann Gulbis heard Chris Evans talking about Frome on his radio show, she had just the things to help him.


Ann heard the Radio 2 breakfast show presenter telling listeners that he knew nothing about Frome.

He asked listeners: "Where is Frome? Is it a town or a village? Who out there knows anything about Frome?"

Ann said: "That very day we sent him letters and pictures of all the things that we like, or have discovered about the town, where our school is. He wrote back to us saying he was delighted to receive the cards and sent us this picture of him with our letters."


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