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Steiner Academy Frome stays open in the snow

Posted by Evan on March 1, 2018

Steiner Academy Frome stays open in the snow

The school community helped keep the Steiner Academy Frome open today despite the snow heading in. Parents and staff cleared the site of any dangerous ice and snow leaving just enough for the children to play in and enjoy. Many children and staff walk to school and so it was an easy decision to make to stay open.

The students are used to being outside as part of the normal school day, but for some this is the first time they have been at school when it has snowed.

The oldest children in Class 8 even offered to grit and clear the road and paths in front of the Longleat Court retirement flats and St Catharine Church. Teacher Hazel Jarman took them out with shovels and they worked their way down the hill clearing and salting the road.



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