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Steiner Academy opens its doors for the first time in Frome

Posted by Evan on September 8, 2014

On Monday, the 8th of September the 190 children of the Steiner Academy Frome arrived for lessons at the newly-opened school-site on Park Road.

“It’s been a hectic and intense last few weeks!” commented Evan James the school’s Operations Manager. ‘The school’s building programme is just half way through and it has been a tremendous effort to get where we are. The Kier construction workers and many of  the school community have really pulled together and I am proud to say we have managed to open the school on time.’

The children started the term with an assembly where Principal Trevor Mepham told them: “This is a fresh, new day in a brand new school. Over the coming months and years we will fill this place with life and learning. We will remember this day right through our lives.”

After the assembly Mr Mepham talked about the months ahead:

‘Some of our immediate neighbours have had to put up with a lot of noise in the last few months and they have been very understanding. We look forward to engaging fully with the local community and, in the years ahead, we hope to be able to share our facilities with different groups in and around the town. We are delighted to be in phase one of our new school. This is an active building site and there remains much to do between now and the spring when the works will be completed.”

He added: “This has been a place of care and hope for over one hundred years; a place where people have worked closely together and a place where much learning and experience of life has occurred. We look forward to continuing the great work that has been done here, albeit in a different form.”



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