The education on offer at the Steiner Academy Frome is very different from what is on offer at other local schools and parents will need to familiarise themselves with how to best support their child’s learning. There will be opportunities to find out more about Steiner education and to understand why, for example, it is a priority:

  • to allow children to develop at their own rate and to not interrupt / distract a child from their world of the natural imagination;
  • to maintain clear adult authority;
  • to understand the importance of strong rhythm and sleep as essential to successful development; 
  • to be aware that all gestures are imitated by the young child.

Parents will be expected to sign a Home/School agreement which will include an undertaking: 

  • to support the Academy’s views on child development through providing suitable routines and life style at home; 
  • to develop an understanding for why the school promotes the limiting of screen time; 
  • to make sure your child attends every day and to not arrange holidays during term time.

The school will also expect parents to support its approach to managing behaviour. For young children this is primarily through providing good examples and consistent expectations and through repetition, rhythm and reverence.

For older children they will be engaged in building trusting, strong and respectful relationships with their teacher and class peers. This is achieved in a Steiner school through the class-teaching system. This provides the backbone of support as pupils take increasing responsibility for their own behaviour and develop an awareness of a wider social responsibility.

This is one of the most valued outcomes of Steiner education.

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